Dahua Launches New Attendance Standalone - ASA1212A

Times:2016-11-07 Author:Dahua Launches New Attendance Standalone - ASA1212A Browse:5165
HANGZHOU,CHINA/ October 18, 2016 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China, officially announces the release of a new attendance standalone - ASA1212A.

Currently, organizations are under increasing pressure to improve productivity, manage work resources more effectively and provide better services with fewer resources than ever before. The above requirements drive the organization to implement automated time and attendance systems, while also improving the management of human resources.

In order to satisfy different needs, Dahua ASA1212A has three different attendance modes: normal, free and professional. Normal attendance mode is for fixed working schedule, free mode is for flexible working schedule and professional mode is for multiple working shifts. (Multiple working shifts mean you can configure total shifts available for a working day, for example, 3 working shifts per day. However, you cannot define different rest days under this scenario, because there is no more weekday or weekend.)These three attendance modes help the device work well in all sized enterprises.

In the more challenging technological and human resources environments, we can also upgrade Dahua ASA1212A with a web interface that enables administrators to review the data and work with the program even from remote locations.

Dahua ASA1212A is ideal for all end-users. Its Linux system is a powerful and flexible management system which supports comfortable operation and easy use on the web server. There are simple 3-step menu configuration processes to set different periods, rules and shifts for different departments.

Dahua ASA1212A is not only suited to a range of enterprises, but also capable of integrating with lock, exit button and door sensor. After the integration, ASA1212A can be applicable to an access control as well. It has multiple types of alarm such as door time out alarm, intrusion alarm, duress alarm and vandal-proof alarm. In addition, ASA1212A allows storing as much data as 10,000 card users and 30,000 attendance records.

● Local or web attendance configuration
Touch keyboard and LCD display
High expansibility
Multiple applications
Support 10,000 card users & 30,000 attendance records
Support card, password and fingerprint
Multiple types of alarm

Support 64 unlock periods and holiday schedules