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With the growing of vehicle amount, how to keep an efficient and regulated traffic is the main challenge that most of cities are facing. Dahua smart traffic signal solution offers capacities of traffic flow monitoring and traffic signal optimizing. It supports to adjust the traffic signal interval of one or multiple intersections according to the real-time traffic flow collected by cameras or other devices which helps transportation authority to relief road congestion and adapt to different kinds of road situations instantly.
Customer Concerns
• Relief the traffic load and reduce air pollution
• High reliability
• Easy to use
• Friendly to work with existing signal control system
Solution Features
• Can use various ways from cameras to inductive sensors to collect data of traffic flow
• A better traffic efficiency and lower vehicle emissions thanks to smart signal control
• The front-end system of an intersection can work autonomously even without control center
• Multiple front-end systems in different intersections can work together to optimize the regional traffic
• The signal management of different intersections can be easily done by control center
• Support to pre-set different kinds of traffic signal plans to deal with emergency situation
• Support seamless integration to legacy system
Solution Architecture
Solution Diagram